Difficult Admittance

10 & 11 Eleasis 1491 DR

The adventurers rest for another day at Cromm's Hold, having frog legs for dinner after a suggestion by Gloria. The group offers a bottle of Rosznar’s Ruby wine to the baroness for her hospitality. She is surprised by the generous offer and promises to store the bottle in a favorable place. When the group will return to Cromm’s Hold someday they will drink it together.

At dawn, the group heads for Daggerford. The baroness had lend them a wagon so they would be able to bring their loot. Halfway, they pass the township of Union. The local peasants are frantically reinforcing their homes, focussing their efforts on the largest farmstead. In typical Skullport slang Gloria asks the farmers what they are doing. A little awkward they answer her question by telling how they had heard stories of widespread and unusual raiding by savage humanoids such as gnolls, orcs, and goblins. They feel the need for protection and speak of abandoned villages and people fleeing to Daggerford. With this troublesome news, the companions swiftly move on…

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As our heroes cross Tyndal’s Bridge in the late afternoon, the town’s situation becomes clear. Wagons and carts are parked among tents and other improvised shelters on the caravan grounds near Daggerford’s southern Caravan Gate. Draft animals and a few haggard folk are in the ramshackle camp. 
A larger group of people is gathered around the gateway. The people, likely refugees, are shouting at a semicircle of six leather-clad, crossbow-armed guards that has a sturdily built female human at its center. She wears studded leather and leans on a spear, holding her helmet under her left arm, to which a buckler is strapped.

A young human man near the front of the crowd yells, “My wife is with child! She needs real shelter and some help, for the love of the gods!” A wide-eyed pregnant woman wrings her hands at his side.
Over more shouts, the female soldier looks contrite and speaks. “The duke has decreed that no more refugees can enter the town. The militia enforces the duke’s will in this. No exceptions. I’m sorry.”
“Mustn’t you at least admit those in real need, Sherlen?” asks a well-dressed halfling standing just in front of the crowd. “They’ve come here for help. Someone could die.” He wears a fine azure cloak with a brooch that looks like a outsized coin with a female face on it—the symbol of the goddess Tymora, Lady Luck.
“No exceptions, Curran,” she replies.
A small crowd of locals has gathered inside the gate behind the guards.

 Archibald quickly explains towards his fellows the female soldier is called Sherlen Miller. She is the captain of the militia of Daggerford. The well-dressed halfling is known as Curran Corvalin, the local priest of Tymora. Archibald knows Sherlen vaguely of his time with the militia and moves forward to speak to her. The group conclude they don’t really care for the refugee’s as long as they can enter the city themselves. As Archibald elbows his way towards the front of the crowd his companions try to follow him. Having been in the service of the city, on the orders of sir Isteval, the group manages to gain entrance for themselves. Those who are not permanent residents of Daggerford can stay at the barracks.

The crowd becomes unruly as several refugees move toward the guard while shouting, a few pick up rocks. Curran calls, unheeded, for calm while Sherlen puts on her helmet and warns the refugees to back off. Illiar then notices one of the guardsmen is terrified, his hand twitching on his crossbow trigger. Before anyone can intervene, a bolt is fired striking a refugee in the throat. Gurgling in blood the stricken man slops to the ground. Escalation impends when Illiar is then attacked by the guard who screams and draws his spear. Fillion, standing on Daardendrien's shoulders, manages to stop the refugees from panicking by magically enthralling them, possibly preventing a stampede. Sherlen shouts not to kill the attacking guardsman and Illiar tries to strike a subduing blow. His hit snaps the man out of his frenzied state. He collapses on the road, sobbing before Sherlen clubs him unconscious with her spear haft, bringing an end to the chaos.

The other guards take the unconscious man away, after orders from Sherlen to lock him in prison. She then asks the adventurers to come see her sometime tomorrow. Curran arranges admittance for the pregnant woman and her husband. Once they have passed, the militia members close the Caravan Gate.


Curran speaks to the group: “I know you have joined sir Isteval in his campaign to Cromm’s Hold. You’re not from around here are you? I can show you the town if you’d like?”

Most of the group accepts Curran’s invitation for a tour. Archibald, Gloria and Fillion decline the offer and head towards Jerdan’s smithy to unload their treasures. They will meet later today at the Lady Luck Tavern. While smoking his pipe, Curran shows the adventurers the most important buildings in town. Starting and ending at the Lady Luck Tavern. In the meanwhile, Archibald and Fillion are set to work by Jerdan before they have a chance to concern themselves with their loot. Gloria quickly sneaks away to avoid hard labor.

As the day turns into night, Illiar manages to find some herbs he might need for his ritual at Hermick’s Herbs and Oddments. Blaze finds a small diamond in the same store, he could use for his spells. After some haggling he settles on a fair price. Gloria spends her time in the crowded town robbing some poor street folk of their coins and as the sun goes down, Tilliach performs a rain dance at the market square to drive away the heat. Strange looks and grumbles are returned. Most of the town folk seem to prefer sun over rain…



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